jen jame phoenix mosaic artist

"Mosaic art is a metaphor for life. It requires love, patience, presence, learning from mistakes, growth, and a strong foundation. It's beautiful, it's difficult, and it's made up of tons of little pieces that work in unison."

About Jen

Artist. Teacher. 

I grew up in California with parents who valued individuality, classic rock, and I Love Lucy reruns.

I’m lucky. 

My upbringing, island travels, and love for teaching all contribute to my art style and direction. Nostalgia is my compass.

I taught junior high and high school English for 12 years, but it was never the subject-matter that mattered to me. It’s always been the children. And, I’ll always be a teacher. It is who I am. 

I’m committed to infusing creativity into the lives of others, especially into the lives of budding minds.  It’s not about the art. It’s about how art illustrates lessons, emulates life, and provides a journey into self.